Wayne Raymond Pretl

Interactive Designer, UX+UI


Hello, I'm Wayne. I work as an interactive designer for an advertising agency in the rainy city of Manchester, UK. My background is graphic design but I learnt to code in HTML & CSS in the early days of the web and I specialise in UX & UI (although before it was called UX it was always called interactive design).

My work is a combination of research, strategy, design and code, but ultimately it's about making the human - computer interaction, well, a little more human. I create work for some big brands but really what I'm doing is creating a happy experience for the customers and users that interact with those brands.

Have a look at some work while you're here, or read some of my thoughts. I believe code and design can be equal creative persuits and I do some some photography & illustration observing life as it passes by. I also have a few side projects I'm working on.

Although we've just met, I'm a friendly Northern guy, and you can send me an email or call me if you want to chat or you'd like me to work on a project with you.

Please bare with me while I finish developing my site. Thanks for stopping by.

Email Mewayne@wayneraymond.com

Call Me+44 (0)7793 551 371